Deforestation Persuasive Essay #3 Compare and Contrast!

                           Deforestation persuasive essay #3 compare n contrast

Many people around the world have different opinions of deforestation. Like for example they’re could be people who are against it, and there could be people that are fore it! Two main reasons why deforestation may be a right thing is: trees give lots of paper, and wood, and farmers have lots of space to take care of there crops and animals. Even though it could cause a little damage to the environment it is worth it? Two main reasons why deforestation is NOT a right things is: many species loss they’er homes, and there’s a lot of climate changes. These reasons may be both beneficial and non beneficial to everyone! WHY?

Deforestation is a very common thing during these years! And there are many reasons why deforestation is a right thing! Like for example making lots of paper from the trees and wood. As we now wood and paper are common things people use in their everyday life. Why do they use it everyday and how? Everyone uses paper and wood because its necessary, its a NEED in life. People sometimes don’t notice that they may be at work and they’re using paper or there at home and they’re eating on a table because they don’t investigate why they use these two mainly things, or how they use them. Also, people cut down trees because it makes more land for farmers to plant crops and take care of there animals. Crops are important in some peoples lives because probably they use it as a dinner dish. And what about animals are they a need or a want? To people animals are a need because no one could live without even eating meat, and not just food what if there wasn’t no sheep how could people make clothes with the sheep’s skin. Deforestation is necessary!

         Deforestation may be a common thing these days and it does a lot of damage to Earth. There are lots and lots of reason’s why deforestation is a huge problem but, the main two are: species losing their habitats, and climate changes. As many species loss their homes is sad because lots of them die, probably even everyday cause of this problem. When deforestation occurs and it destroys many animals homes it doesn’t only cause damage to the species but also to humans. Humans should care when species die and loss their homes because animals may be part of their food chain. Deforestation not only causes damage to animals but, also to the climate because it changes a lot. When climate changes occur it does many things like: global warming. Global warming is when Earths temperature of the atmosphere increases. Imagine people dieing, animals, and even plants because Earths temperature is not at its normal average. Global warming is extremly series and people should be preoccupied for it! This problem is not the only one that causes damages to Earth by climate changes, also land warming. Land warming is very interesting because, as trees aren’t being cut down they block the suns rays from reflecting on the land, but as they are cut the land gets dry and not moist.

Deforestation could be and could not be a series problem. And sometimes these changes that occur on Earth may not be so terrifying because they give people lots of money. Money could be important these days since the economy is so low. These changes that are occurring though are awful since about 70% of Earths species that have lost their home because of the damage of deforestation were already adapted to where they were living. And what about climate changes a very scary or better saying horrible change that may be occurring in a couple of years? Climate changes have a super gigantic impact on Earths environment because, it does many damages like: alteration in the sea level. When sea level increase up it could probably cause earth quakes, a common disaster during these difficult days people are living.

Deforestation persuasive essay #2 why im for it?

                         Deforestation Persuasive Essay #2

   Deforestation is the number one cost why lots of forests are being cleared up here in the United States and around the world. Many people ask themselves why does deforestation occur if all it does is cause a lot of damage to Earth. Two reasons why deforestation happens are: trees give certain supplies like paper, and wood, and farmers have more land to take care of their crops and animals. These two reasons really don’t matter! But, what are the reasons why many people HATE deforestation? There are many reasons why deforestation shouldn’t happen but the two main reasons are: is a loss of habitat for millions of species, and climate changes. These two reasons will really insure why deforestation causes extremely damage to Earths living souls, and its climate. The people are the only ones that could stop deforestation!

    Deforestation causes lots of things, but one of the two main damages are: species loosing they’re habitats. When animals loss they’re homes is extremely dangerous. This is a true fact because, over the years about 70% of Earths animals live in forests. Animals really need homes because they are already adapted to where they been living for many years. Many species arn’t just adapted to where they live but also, a lot die for this cause. If many species die this would cause the earth to have less oxygen and not only animals can die but also humans. Humans wont only die cause of oxygen but also because if animals die the food chain wont work right since animals are food to people. Deforestation is killing animals and even people!

Another damage that deforestation causes is: climate changes. Climate changes cause many damages like: Global warming. Global warming is the rapid increase of Earths average temperature of the atmosphere. Global warming causes problems like:alteration in the sea level. The alteration in the sea level means a measure of the average height of the ocean’s surface. Climate changes not only cause global warming but also land warming. Land warming is when there are trees on land that block the sun, but since many trees get cut down the moist soil that was there gets all dry because all the heat and sunlight the land gets. Land warming is a type of physical change in the environment.

Deforestation could probably give farmers lots of money. But having lots of money doesn’t really matter! That’s why its important for everyone to ask this question ” is it better to have a lot of money, or to see the importance of deforestation now and not wait until the future were there might not be enough of time for it to stop all of the damages on Earth? As i mentioned before the two main causes that deforestation causes is lost of many homes for many species, and climate changes. These two problems make a big effect on everyone! As animal species loss there homes it could make a effect on humans because some of those animals are part of are food chain. Climate changes also make an effect on us because we could actually die if Earths temperature isn’t were it has to be at. Everyone needs to save Earth and its environment soon!


Deforestation Persuausive Essay # 1 likeing defforesation.

                  Deforestation Persuasive Essay

        Many forests in the United States and other places around the world are being cleared up. But, even though deforestation could cause damage to Earth it really doesn’t matter. By the way if people really thought about it they would cut down much more trees! Deforestation could cause a little bit of damage to Earth only, cause as you could see when they cut down trees its just in a little space of land in each city not in every space of Earth! Why even care about deforestation knowing all the goods and benefits everyone receives from it? The two main reasons why deforestation is very important are: the trees that are being cut are used for many purposes like producing wood, lots of paper, and other needs, also deforestation gives lots of farmers land so they could grow crops and take care of many animals. No one ever STOP deforestation!

 As, i mentioned before there are two main reasons why deforestation is important! One reason is because, each tree men cut down more goods we’ll be received like: paper, wood, and other necessary things. Many people out there think that goods and supplies aren’t important, but there question would be answered right away. One of the most important needs in our country and probably around the world too is, paper. Paper is very important mainly because, without it kids or adults wouldn’t have nothing to write with. Imagine just sitting at school without writing nothing just because people don’t want men to cut down trees. Paper is NOT a want its a NEED!  Another necessary thing that we make by trees is, wood. Wood is much more important then paper! Some reasons WHY wood is super important is because, if everyone thought about it mostly everything that exists is made with wood like: chairs, computer screens, tables, clothes, books, food, pencils, and much more! No one can believe the many things that come from wood, if we start typing everything we probably will need a whole page! Without wood we CANT live!

Deforestation doesn’t have only one reason why its very important, but also because as people cut down trees there’s much more space for farmers to use the land for crops and animals. If trees don’t get cut down how could farmers farm crops like: corn, tomatoes, potatoes, and other things. If there’s much more space for farmers to use land there’s even much more crops because a lot will be produce. Farmers these days are mad just knowing how there’s many humans that prefer living without crops! If there wasent any crops people would probably die because everyone needs at least a vegetable. Crops are not the only thing that farmers use land for, but also for animal’s. Animal’s are important because if they didn’t exist, cause there’s no space to take care of them how would we eat meat or eggs for are health and to live. People that are vegetarians probably don’t get that we need meat but they really need to understand it.

Deforestation has two main reasons why its important to cut down trees. The first reason is: trees give people lots of paper, wood, and other needs. The second reason is deforestation gives farmers mainly much space for them to plant crops, and take care of animals. Thinking in these two problems in a super intensive way helps humans notice the importance of deforestation! This is why everyone should ask this question, ” if deforestation ever stops how would these two problems be solved”? Hopefully one day people will realise the importance of deforestation, and they would go for it because I’m Not against it! Deforestation helps us a lot!


Consequences of Desforesation

       Many forests in the Unites States of America and many other places around the world are being cleared up. There are many consequences for these damages. Some consequences are: climate changes, and many species lossing their habitats everyday while deforestation. We all hope oneday we could change these problems, and help people understand how much damage this causes Earth!

       There are many consequences of deforestation, but one of them is, climate changes. Climate changes around the world is very important because this bring  many disorders globaly. Also, something thats very interesting is that when there are trees on land they block the sun, but since many trees get chopped down the moist soil that was there gets all dry because all the heat and sunlight that the land gets. Other consequence that bring to climate changes is that trees help alot with the water cycle because it perpetuates it and then it could return the vapor to the atmosphere. If there isnt much trees that actually do their role all of the land that had a forest has a big posibility of becoming a desert. We all hope that many people some day would not only see the benefits of cutting down trees but also see the consequences!

      Theres not only one consequence of deforestation, another one is, losts of many homes of species. As many species loss there homes also causes lots of damages to earth and to the environment. Theres and estiment that about 70% of forests live animals and even plants, cant survive to the deforestations cause there homes are being destroyed. Animals really need homes because they are already adapted to where they  been living for many years. Its not only how their home gets all destroyed but, also because each year thousands and thousands of animals die for lossing their homes or cause they cant get adapted to where they are living at.

     As we all see there is many consequences why forests shouldn’t be cut down. Two of them are: climate changes, and the lost of many species habitats. Climate changes is very important for many reasons but one of them is beause, it could cause lots of damage to are atmosphere and even us humans. Losts of homes for many animals is very important because, theres many animals dieing for the cost of this terrible problem. If at least everyone would say just one sentence on how deforestation is affecting everyone and everything probably are situation would come out better. money is not everything in life other things are much better. If we all help animals and Earth there wouldn’t be problems out in the years of climate changes like global warming. Hopefully this word can be spread to millions and millions of people out there that really dont care what would happend or if they would be affected!